A performance by Chick Flix is ​​always full of energy, sexiness and a lot of fun! Chick Flix is a unique act consisting out of two DJ’s and one MC. They are popular because of the great atmosphere they create at every performance.

Their DJ sets are known for their own unique sound, which is known as ‘The Sound Of Chick Flix’. A dynamic set full of hits, dancefloor fillers, female friendly tunes and old-school jams.

Their own music productions are already supported by a lot of artists. This year they will bring out a lot of new music. Chick Flix is upcoming and ready to conquer every club or festival. Their fanbase is increasing daily on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and Soundcloud. Chick Flix has a lot in store, so make sure you’re ready!